Belize Institute of Management
Management and Training Institution

Time Management

(1 Day)


What You Will Cover:

  • Basic concepts –characteristics of time, paradox of time, assumptions about managing time
  • Importance of priorities –importance vs. urgency, priority system, Pareto’s principle
  • Creating change – model for change, real vs. stated objectives, personal commitment
  • Systematic approach – job function analysis, managing vs. doing, clarifying objectives
  • Analyzing time habits – preoccupation hazards, discovering time habits, tracking time use patterns, matching activities to objectives
  • Solving time wasters – analyzing time waster causes, evaluating solution techniques, ideas for implementation
  • Creating time – systematic planning, scheduling activities
  • Conquering  procrastination – analyzing causes, successful strategies, prevention guidelines
  • Time for what – time for you, personal values and goals, success and satisfaction