BimBelize announces 2nd Business Ambassador

BimBelize Announces 2nd Business Ambassador

The management and staff of the Belize Institute of Management (BIM Belize) congratulates Mr. Osmany Salas, Owner and General Manager of Nahil Mayab Restaurant & Patio in Orange Walk and his team for joining us as our second Business Ambassador in Sustainable Development.

We are indeed proud to share Nahil Mayab's  efforts and successes as a restaurant with these values in the implementation of sustainable best practices in solid waste prevention, management and disposal in the workplace. Mr. Osmany Salas as an environmentalist brings his passion to the workplace and thus contributes to a better planet for the future. 

A special thanks to Mr. Osmany Salas for joining with us in this initiative and hope to continue sharing his experience with other Belizean organizations, both in the private and public sector.

BimBelize Announces 1st Business Ambassador

Business Ambassador Graphic

BimBelize Announces 1st Business Ambassador

Business Ambassador Graphic

The management and staff of the Belize Institute of Management (BIM Belize) congratulate Mr. Andrew Roe, Operations Manager of RF&G Insurance and his team for joining us as one of our first Business Ambassadors in Sustainable Development. 

BIM first published our search for Ambassadors on February 5, and in less than a week RF&G made their first contact with us. 

We are indeed proud to share RF&G's efforts and successes with all businesses in order to serve as best practices in the implementation of sustainable practices in environmental management in the workplace. The understanding, awareness, and recognition of the carbon footprint in every workplace is a value driven process, wherein the truism of "garbage in-garbage-out" is real and few CEO's and managers have shown concern with the hundreds of styrofoam containers brought in every day by their staff at lunch time, adding to their garbage disposal challenges. This then includes additional single use garbage bags, as well as foam cups, plastic cups, spoons, forks, etc. 

A special thanks to Mr. Andrew Roe for joining with us in this initiative and hope to continue sharing his experience with other Belizean organizations, both in the private and public sector. 

View video below:

Reducing your Carbon Footprint at Work

carbon footprint graphic

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint at Work

carbon footprint graphic

Plenty of opportunities to save energy and enhance your workplace experience exist. No matter your title or role, you can help make your workplace a little greener and reduce emissions that are contributing to climate change.

Energy: Managing and Purchasing Office Equipment, LED Vs Fluorescent

Waste: Single use plastic vs Multi-use.

Travel and Meetings:  Driving has a big impact on the climate; every gallon of fuel burned creates about 20 pounds of carbon dioxide, so reducing the miles your vehicle travels can lead to significant emissions reductions

Getting Involved: Developing a value system for a healthy workplace through waste reduction.

Source: See Below - Center for Climate and Energy Solutions.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint At Work

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Business Ambassadors needed to promote best practices

collection of garbage bags

Business Ambassadors needed to promote best practices in solid waste prevention, management and disposal.

Collection of plastic bags

On March 20, 2018, the Government of Belize approved a proposal to ban single-use plastic bags, Styrofoam products, and plastic food utensils in the country by April 22, 2019. While this is a cause to be celebrated, by tourism based businesses that rely primarily on an clean and pristine environment, many individuals and corporations who are value driven to protect the environment, have supported such a move for a long time.

However as April 22, draws near, we are getting more and more objections to its implementation primarily because many do not see the transition process as a simple one. The change from a culture of convenience to one that is value driven that is concerned with environmental degradation is a long and difficult journey for many and requires a roadmap that leads to a successful transformation within a society.

We are already seeing an increase in biodegradable products in the market, as well as more and more individuals are now carrying their own refillable water bottle as they travel to meetings or at their desk. However as the issue of cost creeps ever so often to the surface, and the difficulty for some to even consider their own change processes to a new and sustainable practice, we must assist in facilitating such a move over a specified period.

With this in mind, the Belize Institute of Management is looking for corporations or small businesses who are already using sustainable best practices especially with the management of their solid waste, and more so preventing the unnecessary accumulation of the single use items in their businesses for us to feature as exemplary corporate citizens or sustainability ambassadors for others to learn from their best practices.

It is our intention to feature these ambassadors on radio and TV for others to learn and assimilate in their organizations. Help us promote your leadership in sustainable practices in solid waste prevention, management, and disposal for a better Belize.

Feel free to contact us at Belize Institute of Management, BIM at 223-3055 or Chairman Raineldo D. Guerrero at 610-5924.