Belize Institute of Management
Management and Training Institution

Supervision I – The New Supervisor

(3 Days) ($371.50)


 This course provides supervisors with necessary tools to get the job done and move up the ladder of success.

What You Will Cover:

 How to establish yourself as a supervisor: the difference between  the worker and the manager

  • Planning… Organizing … goal setting … time management.  How to develop the “results oriented” employee – coaching … the job instruction training method … evaluating and improving the individual’s performance … counseling
  • Motivation: understanding how to influence your people – knowing your staff a individuals … dealing with grievance and discipline problems … motivational techniques that work
  • Basic Management Principles – giving instructions … setting goals … choosing a leadership style… following through
  • How to conduct performance evaluation interviews
  • How you can assure continued probability for yourself – how to make your good ideas known to management and be sure you get credit for them … ways to respond when you’re asked for suggestions on solving management problems … how to adapt successful management strategies to your own needs.