Belize Institute of Management
Management and Training Institution

Essentials of Project Management

Duration 3 Days

Cost: $420.00 Based on an estimated number of 15 participants.

Managing projects is not easy, but it is a crucial task in the workplace. Our Project Management seminar will provide participants with useful strategies that will assist them with:

  • organizing projects
  • improving project management skills
  • managing projects effectively
  • project planning
  • becoming a great project manager

With ever-increasing workloads and deadlines, the ability to manage our time has never been more important. Project management is a crucial factor in work and developing your project management skills will ensure that delegates can make their work based projects as efficient and effective as possible.

Areas specific to the Project Estimating, Planning and Control will be supported by the use of Microsoft Project which will include further details on 1. Tasks, 2. Activities, 3. Work breakdown structure, 4. Duration, 5. Resources, Gantt, Pert and milestone charts etc.

Participants are required to bring their laptops with Microsoft project installed to the seminar to perform exercises requiring the use of Microsoft project. BIM can provide laptops at an additional cost if necessary.

Topics will include:

1. Introduction to Project Management

2. Project Selection and Planning

3. Project Management and Leadership

4. Project Planning and  Estimating

5. Risk and Quality Management

6. Project Execution and Control.