Belize Institute of Management
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Office Management

Office Management Training (2 days) ($337.50)

 What You Will Cover:

  • The role of the Office Manager:
    • Furthermore, evaluating typical functions and responsibilities of an office manager.
    • As well as, identifying opportunities and constraints of the position.
    • Likewise, identifying the different groups within the organization with whom you interact.
  • Moving on, developing your planning and organizational skills.
  • As well as, how to prepare an office procedures manual.
  • Similarly, interviewing, hiring and dealing with personnel issues.
  • Furthermore, controlling office paperwork.
  • Next, making office automation work for you and your organization
  • Likewise, working as a team with your suppliers.
  • Moreover, managing your department’s/organization’s finances.
  • Equally Important, developing a personal action plan for improving your office