Belize Institute of Management
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Negotiating to Win

Negotiating to win (2 days) $337.50

What You Will Cover:

  1. Firstly, be introduced to negotiation and settlement range thus understanding what a negotiation means.
    • As well as understanding the  core concepts in planning a negotiation.
    • Similarly, understanding the win-win philosophy,
    • Furthermore, strategies for moving from “no” to “maybe”.
    • Likewise, designing a settlement range.
    • Also, strategies for moving through the settlement range.
  2. Cover the stages of negotiations which includes:
    • The four stages of negotiations. 
    • As well as overcoming resistance.
    • Equally important, developing strategies for moving through the four stages.
  3. Questioning strategies
    • “Open-ended” and “closed” questions.
    • As well as, developing strategies for challenging generalizations.
    • Likewise, deletions.
    • Furthermore, distortions.
  4. A model of persuasion
    • understanding the emotional, logical and values components of the model.
    • Similarly, understanding the claims, facts, and assigned meaning components of the model.
  5. Ploy and tactics