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Must- have apps for services for remote working

For smaller organizations, employees may lack the expertise to know which tools will help their employees stay productive and stay in communication with each other. Here are some apps for remote working.

1. Zoom
? Hold a large meeting for internal communication
? Easily display your screen
? Save recordings offline
? If you meet with customers, set up one on one meetings with ease.

2. File-Sharing Tools
? If your organization doesn’t have a tool like Google Drive or OneDrive deployed for file sharing, check out Box or Dropbox.
? These tools will allow you to upload documents and securely share them internally or externally.

3. Spike
? Strips away all the fluff of email, and it makes it feel like an iMessage interface
? Includes voice and video chat, so if you don’t want to deploy something like Zoom, Spike can handle it all.

4. Slack / Microsoft Teams
? Help eliminate emails and funnel everything into either group channels or direct messages.
? Support a wide variety of integrations as well.
? Create channels for projects, groups of people, and more.
? Includes mobile apps for staying in the loop while on the go as well.