Belize Institute of Management
Management and Training Institution

Customer Service for Managers and Supervisors II

Duration 2 days

Course Fees $382.50

Training Objective

To increase the skills of managers and supervisors in order to enhance the level of service to the organization's customers through continuous improvement and the creation of a  culture of service excellence.

The training program is divided into 4 modules covering the following:

Day 1

1a. Introduction: The value of a customer service philosophy of continuous improvement for service excellence.

1b. Introduction to process mapping.

2a. Identification and assessment of the present customer service management system through process mapping and identification of weaknesses in the service delivery process.

2b. Understanding and analyzing the existing infrastructure, supply chain, and technology for process improvement.

Day 2

3a. Harnessing the complaint system as the pulse of the organization and re-engineer processes to improve service delivery.

3b. Identify the black holes (where processes disappear) in the organization's back office and create the linkages necessary for the efficient delivery of the service process.

4a.  Creating a culture of service throughout the organization by ensuring integration in all operations.

4b. People management ( training and measurement) and service leadership (feedback and continuous improvement) . Putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

This program is supported through an additional 2 day seminar on Flow Charting, Process Mapping and Process Re-engineering. Essential tools for continuous improvement and a quality oriented service delivery.