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February 9, 2021

The Covid 19 Pandemic has decimated the lives of many with the extreme disruption of the tourism industry and all the other industries that are a part of the supply chain. This has in turn created the domino effect with massive layoffs and cuts in salaries. Furthermore, the closure of most schools has also disrupted the lives of families and the supply chain related there to as well.

However, it is not all doom and gloom as many innovative and creative individuals have risen to the challenge and grasped the opportunities that the pandemic offered and today, they have found satisfaction from the successful outcome of their entrepreneurial efforts.

2020 was the greatest challenge for every individual globally and while many rose to the challenges, many got lost and mentally and emotionally shutdown as their comfort zone got dragged from under them.

2021 however, is now in its second month and, we are a month away from the anniversary of the beginning of this crisis. Technology got its biggest boost with now names like Zoom and other virtual meeting platforms are a part of every individual’s communication toolkit. Working from home is slowly becoming a standard as more businesses transition to this idea, however this hasn’t been without its detractors who still wholeheartedly believe in the physical supervision primarily due to their insufficient knowledge of the technology available and its application in remote working environments. 

2021 is the year to pivot if you have not done so yet. Life will never be the same, the lessons of 2020 should be forever ingrained in our memory to ensure that we build the resilience in our system for future crises. Persist with the old is not an option, and the new normal is an oxymoron, because if its new its not normal, and if it is normal its not new.

With this in mind BIM is offering 4 one-hour free sessions in this first quarter to kick off this year training programs. They will be delivered under our Lunch and Learn series: Building skills to thrive through Covid 19. 

These will include:




Create a personal roadmap

Feb. 16, 2021     


Essential Job skills through Covid 19 and beyond

Mar. 2, 2021


Leadership Competencies to survive a disaster

Mar. 16, 2021


Building Resilience during a Crisis

Mar. 30, 2021


Who should attend: these webinars are primarily designed for small business owners and employees as well as individuals who have lost their employment as a result of Covid 19 and who are searching for opportunities to grow on.

Attend all 4 and receive a certificate of participation entitled: Empowerment through Skills Building during a Pandemic.

These are also available for corporate staff to align them with the organizational values and changes brought about by the Covid 19 pandemic.

Contact us at (501) 223-3055 for more information.

If you have any questions, feel free to  contact us at (501) 223-3055 or call me directly at 610-5924.
Raineldo D. Guerrero
Chairman Belize Institute of Management