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Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Personnel

Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Personnel Training (2  Days) ($337.50)

This program is designed for nonfinancial executives in every functional area of responsibility in all industry types.

What You Will Cover:

  • Understand the terminology of finance and accounting – including assets, liabilities, and equity.
  • In addition, use balance sheet to determine your company’s overall competitive position.
  • Similarly, analyze income statements to evaluate revenue and expenses.
  • Also, develop a working knowledge of the statement of retained earnings and the statement of changes in financial position.
  • Equally Important, opening the door to the finance department  and develop a better understanding of the finance function not only but cultivating more productive working relationship with finance professionals to enhance your leverage within your organization.
  • Likewise, learn accounting process – including how transactions are recorded in the accounting system of a company.
  • Furthermore, generally accepting accounting principles – step-by-step procedures for setting up financial statements and reports.
  • In addition, financial statement analysis  - interpreting your company’s financial signals
  • Similarly, annual reports – how to determine a company’s well-being
  • Lastly, analysis of return investment – including the payback method, discounted cash flow, and present value