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Enterprise Risk Management ( 2 days)


Risk Management Training: (2 days) ($382.50)

This Course is specifically designed for Senior Supervisors and Professional Staff, especially for those in charge of functional areas of the business.

Risk management

-use lessons from the past in order to mitigate misfortune and exploit future opportunities, in other words, avoid the stupid mistakes of yesterday and recognize that nature can always create new ways for things to go wrong.

Furthermore, This program views risk holistically and horizontally across an organization. Similarly, insurable risks are identified across all facets and disciplines of an entity, with the objective to eliminate, ameliorate or transfer such risks - or prepare to accept them.

In addition, each of the areas of risk assessment, risk analysis, risk mitigation and also risk management will include interactive exercises within the functional areas of the participants to allow for a greater learning experience.

  • Your Training will also include:

    • First, understand what is Risk Management.
    • Also, what Causes Risk.
    • As well as, assess risks and hazards.
    • In addition, manage and mitigate risks.
    • Furthermore, get to the heart of Risk Management and create focused solutions.
    • Equally Important, integrate Risk Management into existing Operations and Strategies.