Belize Institute of Management
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English Grammar and Writing Course (Basic 1 & 11)

Cost: $337.50/ Duration: 2 days


This refresher course sets out to help participants upgrade their knowledge of basic English Grammar, particularly those areas in which Kriol speakers tend to make errors. It further emphasises the use of correct grammatical structures in on the job writing.

General Objectives

  • To review common grammar points, misspelled words and punctuation
  • In addition, to recognise a variety of writing styles appropriate to the purpose of writing: letters, memos and reports.


  • Level A DIAGNOSTIC EXERCISE will be administered at the beginning of the course.


  • Basic Grammar Points

Preliminary Assessment

  • During writing and speaking activities, participants should be able to differentiate between Kriol and Standard English structures and to develop a paragraph.
  • Word classes (aka parts of speech).
  • Focus on: verbs, pronouns and conjunctions.


  • Focus on: subject-verb  o pronoun-antecedent.
  • Likewise, sentence structure and functions, phrase, clause and fused sentence.
  • Similarly, focus on: identifying, head word, direct/indirect object , complement.
  • Also, tenses.


  • Focus on: identifying, simple past, past tense and past participle.
  • Equally important, focus on thank-you letter and letter of adjustment [complaints].
  • In the same way, information memo and report.  
  • Furthermore, the Expected Outcome, A suitable dictionary (Oxford Concise or Webster’s) and a thesaurus.

Required Tools

  • Lastly, At the end of the course, participants are expected to show the ability to use a range of grammatical structures correctly in sentences and paragraphs as well as choosing formats appropriate to the purpose of writing.