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Effective Records Management


Effective Records Management Training (2 Days) ($337.50)

 What Your Training will Cover:

  • First, what records management can do for your organization.
  • Furthermore, developing a document retention program for instance, five steps to a retention schedule.
  • In addition, inventorying the organization’s records as well as obtaining management approval and also, implementing the schedule.
  • Likewise, storing inactive records in a cost-effective manner.
  • Similarly, protecting essential records through a vital records program.
  • Also, managing the organization’s active record:
    • For example, establishing a uniform filing system.
    • Likewise, organizing individual record categories. 
    • Similarly, central files versus a decentralized approach.
    • In addition, choosing appropriate filing equipment.
    • Also, using bar coding and color coding.
  • Equally important, auditing departmental records.
  • Last, communication the records management program to users.