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Digital Marketing Training

Digital Marketing in 2019

Three individual programs but together they become a powerhouse for your organization. While each training is independent we recommend that you sign up for the three.

Cost: ($486.00) Duration: (3 Days)

Introduction to Digital Marketing/ Social Media Platforms (1 day) ($180.00)

Introduction to Digital Marketing 

While Marketing is a very complex process, many organizations skip many of the steps and go straight to advertising and promotion. This is why the Digital Marketing platforms otherwise known as Social Media Marketing are the easiest to fit into the sales process.

However, there are many skills that are necessary to master these, and each platform has its own nuances and special tricks.

  • Topics to be covered
    • What is Marketing
    • Strategy Vs. Tactics
    • Small and Medium Business marketing
    • The 1-page Marketing Plan
    • The 4 Ps of Marketing
    • The 3 stages of Marketing

Introduction to Social Media Platforms 

Technology today has provided us with a host of platforms to promote our products and services. By choosing the right platforms we can reach our target markets and convert traffic through engagements to conversion and sales in addition these platforms allow us to monitor our traffic and engagements in a manner that is not possible through traditional methods. The following platforms will be introduced during this session:

  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google +, You Tube, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Some are more popular than others, but it is important to know them all so you can decide your advertising and promotional strategy.

Understand why Social Media is useful for Marketing:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Reach, Recognition, Cost and more.

Facebook Marketing and Advertising (1 day) ($180.00)

By developing your skills in Facebook advertising and promotion, it offers many shortcuts to your market where thousands of your customers or leads can see your product or service offerings.

From the creation of your business page to content development and targeting of markets, is now at your fingertips. Rapidly build your network and make meaningful connections. Also, begin building reputations between your brand and audience based on these three things: 

  1. Where you spend your time,
  2. Who you make friends with,
  3. And how you communicate with people.

Facebook Marketing and Advertising is one of our three Digital Marketing Programs which includes:

  1. How to open and promote your page
  2. Designing your ads
  3. Targeting your audience
  4. Monitoring your ads

Marketing your Website (1 Day) ($180.00)

Is your website a static and passive one? Is your website just a repository for information that you send people to when they contact you? Are you losing valuable customers who don’t know where to look for you?

If your answer is yes to all questions, then you need to add some dynamism to your website by understanding why it is important to market your site to increase traffic by identifying and targeting your audience.

Learn how to:

  1. Improve your SEO – Search Engine Optimization.
  2. Create synergy with your Social Media platforms.
  3. Run a blog to add traffic to your site.
  4. Add traffic by creating quality videos.
  5. Link your PR Strategy with your promotional campaigns.