Belize Institute of Management
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Developing High Performance Teams


Developing High Performance Teams Training (2 days) ($337.50)

What You Will Cover:

  • First, Team concepts –
    1. Furthermore, why teams are valuable to the organization. 
    2. As well as, benefits of a team approach.
    3. Likewise, the team leader.
    4. Equally important, factors that influence team performance.

  • Second, Motivating team members –
    1. Furthermore, motivational theories.
    2. As well as, motivational techniques.
    3. Equally important, identifying and solving motivational problems.

  • Third, Improving the team communications process –
    1. Furthermore, forms of communication.
    2. As well as, team leader’s role in improving communication.

  • Fourth, Managing the four C’s –
    1. Furthermore, change.
    2. As well as, conflict. 
    3. Similarly, competition.
    4. Likewise, creativity.

  • Fifth, Principles of leadership –
    1. Furthermore, leadership.
    2. As well as, styles. 
    3. Likewise, setting team objective. 
    4. Equally important, delegation.
    5. Similarly, problem solving techniques. 
    6. In addition, coaching and counseling.