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Communicating for Maximum Results

Communicating for Maximum Results Training- (2 days) ($337.50)

Learn to build productive working relationships that enhance performance and profits.


What You Will Cover:

  1. Communication the essential skills –
    • Furthermore, how we communicate,
    • as well as the common barriers to communication.
  2. Self-development –
    • Not only but developing a positive self-concept,
    • as well as professional development,
    • and similarly, professional image,
    • likewise, use of managerial and personal power,
    • also, the use of strategic communication.
  3. Communication interpersonally –
    • Further, nonverbal communication,
    • as well as communication and sexual harassment,
    • Likewise, listening,
    • lastly, interacting with poor communicators.
  4. Constructive conflict –
    • Furthermore, conflict styles,
    • as well as techniques for resolving conflict,
    • and also, communication climates.
  5. Making presentations –
    • In other words, planning and preparing,
    • as well as visual aids,
    • and delivery.
  6. Written communication –
    • Furthermore, barriers to understanding,
    • as well as keeping it clear and short,
    • equally important, letters and memos,
    • and finally, business reports.
  7. Communicating in organizations –
    • For instance, communicating in small groups,
    • as well as communication through organizational lines.