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Budgeting and Costing

Budgeting and costing training- (1 Day) ($180)

Budgeting and Costing is a basic and essential process that allows businesses to attain many goals in one course of action.

As a result, there are several goals that many businesses seek to achieve (or should be trying to work toward) when they create and implement a budget. Furthermore,  these goals include control and evaluation, planning, communication, and motivation.

Moreover, preparing a budget is an integral part of establishing the business case for a project. Therefore, an evaluation of the financial requirements is central to establishing whether the project is viable or not.

What your Budgeting and Costing training will cover:

  1. The Role of Budgeting and Costing.
  2. As well as Costing -
    1. From Traditional to Activity Based.
  3. Likewise, Budgeting -
    1. For instance, how to develop flexible budgets and perform variance analyses.
  4. Lastly, Beyond budgeting -
    1. Moreover, towards value based budgeting.