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Creating Excellence in the Boardroom – Corporate Governance Series

People in boardroom

Creating Excellence in the Boardroom Seminar (2 Days) ($337.50)

This Boardroom Excellence seminar/workshop considers the business context in which directors are at work. Furthermore, the need for a board to monitor developments in the business environment and ensure that appropriate changes occur in response to them.

In addition, this seminar also examines the individual and collective duties and responsibilities of directors as well as their role and purpose of the board and key management personnel.

What you will Cover:

  1. Firstly, Directors and Boards under Scrutiny.
  2. Furthermore, The Board: an enabler or a burden.
  3. As well as Challenges facing businesses and boards.
  4. Similarly, Issue monitoring and management.
  5. Likewise, Customers/Corporate transformation.
  6. Equally Important, Roles and function of the Board.
  7. Next, Top ten functions of the Board.
  8. Lastly, The role of the CEO/ED.