Belize Institute of Management
Management and Training Institution

Supervision II - Advanced Management Skills and Techniques

Duration: 3 days

Cost: 371.25


 This seminar will make you a more confident, dynamic leader—freeing up more of your time to manage!  This course teaches you powerful techniques that are at the very core of successful management.  These techniques will enable you to operate more effectively and free up more of your time for your management responsibilities. You’ll take the best of management techniques and mix in the latest in behavioral theory.

What you will cover:

 The role of supervisor and the concept of managing a team.

  • The principle of group dynamics and ways to develop positive group relationships
  • How to create an achievement climate that stimulates and maintains the motivation level of each group member
  • The essentials of decision making—the six steps of decision making
  • The importance of persuading and influencing people in the supervisor’s role.
  • How to handle interpersonal conflict positively—the five-mode concept
  • How to access the potential of your team members for greater team efficiency
  • How to work most effectively with your boss